Branding In Practice is the first and only book that focuses on helping dentists and dental practices get their brand right from the start. Delivered in a succinct format, Branding In Practice can be read on a Friday morning in a coffee shop or on an airplane ride. Branding In Practice shows how dental practices can benefit from treating their practice more like a consumer brand to connect with patients and increase success.

Learn ‘what is a brand’ and how a strong brand can help a dentist attract new patients and strengthen their relationship with existing patients.

Treat your patients more like consumers.

Develop a stronger brand and connect with your consumers on a higher level and gain their trust.

Branding tips to help dentists increase case acceptance.

Why a stronger brand is good for the dentist, the staff and the practice (and the consumer).

Why stronger brands charge more than weak brands.

What are the essential parts to creating a memorable brand.

What is a brand supporter and why does it matter.

And more…

Matthew is the owner of BrandTarget, a marketing and branding agency focused in the dental industry. He regularly works with industry leaders to help strengthen their brand and grow their business. His book ‘Branding In Practice’ is available on Amazon.

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